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Blog of Hervé Fuyet

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We fully support China’s demands of safety for Chinese nationals in France
L’Humanité in English fully supports China’s demands of safety for Chinese nationals in France after Chinese man was shot dead in his home by French (...)
About "China’s two sessions to highlight Xi’s thoughts"
Criticism is more than welcome, especially when it is constructive! A number of our readers complained about the insufficient coverage of China in our paper. The following (...)
Remembering the Reformer
Lina Sankari’s article (follow this link), about the talk by President and Comrade Xi Jinping at Davos, is important. The national and international Press widely covered the (...)
Our condolences to the Choir of the Red Army
About John Pilger’s film THE COMING WAR ON CHINA
Two journalists from l’Humanite in English, Henry and I, went to the November 1 "Première" of John’s Pilger film THE COMING WAR ON CHINA in London. John Pilger, on the left, (...)

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