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At the UN: The False Criticisms by Emmanuel Macron
The French President advocated multilateralism at the United Nations General Assembly. While he seemed to criticize the United States, he was more concerned by its methods (...)
Trump Launches an Arrest Warrant against the International Criminal Court
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Washington wants to paralyze the functioning of the International Criminal Court to prevent the trial of the U.S. government for war crimes (...)
In Chicago, the Trial of a White Policeman, Murderer of a Young Black American
Jason Van Dyke is on trial today (Mercredi 5 September) for the murder in first degree of Laquan McDonald, who was 17 years old.
In India, Democracy is a Pressure-Cooker Ready to Explode
The Indian police have organised a vast crackdown of intellectual circles, blaming the intellectuals for their supposed links with Dalit and Maoist (...)
Clashes resume between Communists and the far-right in Kerala, India
Despite peace talks, two killed on Monday evening.

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