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How Erdoğan is playing the Palestinian card
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has established himself as the leader of the arabo-muslim world. On May 14th last year, when sixty Palestinians were killed by Israelis, (...)
Hope and Doubt
Hope and Doubt Patrick Apel-Muller’s editorial. The world is still hesitant to believe it. The Singapore meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un could put an end to a (...)
"Lula, Warrior of the Brazilian People, Starts His Campaign
Already in prison for two months, the ex-head of state intends to run for the office of president in October. Even behind bars, the opinion polls encourage him in this (...)
Indian police kill 11 eco-activists
Police opened fire on a crowd in Southern India, which had gathered to demand the closure of a subsidiary of the British giant Vedanta, which is accused of (...)
China: International Meeting on Marxism
This May, China celebrates the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx birth through a series of events. In Beijing, the National Museum has inaugurated an exhibition retracing the (...)

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