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Education: More than one in two teachers on strike against the reform of lower secondary schools
A “red card” for the Ministry of Education.
Five weeks of the state of emergency, 2,700 searches and… one indictment
TALLY. In just over a month, the state of emergency has allowed the police to seize arms and drugs, but not to bring new terrorist networks to light. One sole indictment for (...)
Victory for women: The government bows to feminist pressure over the ”tampon tax”
After the senators at the end of November, on Friday it was the turn of the National Assembly to vote, within the context of the rereading of the 2016 draft budget, and (...)
A fighting left
Editorial of Patrick Apel-Muller “Arm yourself with clairvoyance!” recommended the musician Erik Satie. It will be needed on Sunday, to steer through the hotchpotch of the ruins (...)
Faced with concerns, Manuel Valls defends the state of emergency
In an interview with Europe 1 radio station yesterday morning, the prime minister defended the state of emergency. Since the attacks, more than 2,000 searches have been (...)

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