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New Accusations against DSK

Translated Saturday 20 August 2011, by Cynthia McKennon and reviewed by Henry Crapo

"Cause of injury: Assault. Rape. "Here are the medical findings of the report on the case involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Nafissatou Diallo since May 14. Revealed by the French weekly L’Express, such conclusions revive tensions between the two parties. DSK’s lawyers have described as "inaccurate and malicious" the published account. The former director of the IMF is expected to appear in court in New York on August 23 2011.

Reader’s Comment

DSK, the case of the century! Provided the trial takes place ...

DSK’s lawyers want the charges to be dropped before any trial takes place. Nafissatou’s lawyers want that the trial be held! I think that we are more likely to know the truth if the criminal trial takes place. The respective lawyers’ positions even tend to support this view.

Even if the criminal trial does not take place, due to the pressures exerted on Cyrus Vance, the civil trial will perhaps help us to find the truth in this affair. And the Banon trial in France should complete the picture, if the U.S. Justice fails to uncover the truth!

If Nafissatou was sexually abused, which seems more than likely, it is quite normal usual and not "venal" that she seek some material compensation, contrary to statements by the defense attorneys.

The question is to determine whether of not the potential next president of France is a criminal. It is difficult to understand those who say that this distracts us from the real issues!

More importantly, the question is to determine whether a Black working woman can defend her rights when she is confronted by the arrogance of big power and big money. There may be some gray areas in the life of Nafissatou, but this is beside the point. If DSK, in spite of his long history of established misdeeds, is right in this particular case, it is hard to understand why he wants to avoid, at all costs, a court appearance that could prove his innocence, and instead prefers to remain forever suspect!

It seems to me that, whether our presumptions be for or against DSK, we should join all democrats, regardless of considerations of gender, color, social class, or political party, and demand that the criminal trial open on August 23 in New York.

Peggy C. F. and Hervé F.

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