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A Black Couple Faces Racism In Mississippi

Translated Wednesday 1 August 2012, by Elisha Sum and reviewed by Henry Crapo

The televised election of Barack Obama in the United States has not visibly changed anything in terms of racial equality in Crystal Springs, Mississippi (southern United States), where a Baptist pastor refused to marry a man and a woman in his church because they are black.

This occurred because a portion of congregation of the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, gave pastor Stan Weatherford an ultimatum: If he accepts to arrange the wedding ceremony of a black couple, he will be replaced. Consequently, he refused to marry Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson, an African American couple in his congregation. The pastor, who is white, explained, in an attempt to justify his actions on the television channel ABC, that there has never been a marriage between blacks in his church since it was established in 1883.

“Simply because we are black, some believers were upset and decided that blacks could never marry in their church,” Charles Wilson protested on CNN. He further chastised the church on a local ABC station: “My nine-year-old daughter was with us at the church. How can you explain to a little girl that we can’t get married here because, guess what my dear, we’re black.”

According to the news channel CNN, the future spouses learned on the eve of their wedding, which was to take place on July 20, that the ceremony could not take place in the church they original chose. The wedding was eventually held the next day in a different church where the majority of the congregation is black.

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