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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Un asile en france for Snowden!

by Patrick Apel-Muller

Asylum in France for Snowden!

Translated Wednesday 10 July 2013, by Isabelle Métral

Published in l’Humanité on 3 July, 2013.

Edward Snowden has requested asylum from a score of countries, but all the doors yesterday [1] seemed to shut and leave the former US agent out. The man is one too many. A man whom the US wants to silence because he knows far more than he has already revealed and his example, if he remained unpunished, might inspire many more.

The other governments show little zeal. Russia would not refuse to make a move if only Snowden agreed to speak to the FSB only and allowed this dangerous precedent (liable to “spoil” the trade) to sink into oblivion. European leaders are content with draping themselves in outraged dignity, and shamming surprise and disappointment. Who can believe them? UK’s cooperation with the Pentagon to spread Uncle Sam’s phone-tapping all the world over is a proven fact.

But the European Union must face up to its responsibility, only it would rather look away. How ever can it consider signing the least transatlantic accord with Washington when Washington spies on European citizens and puts microphones in its very Brussels offices? How ever can Paris justify the reintegration of France into NATO under Sarkozy, then its remaining a NATO member under François Hollande when France is treated like an enemy and its citizens are potentially all in the CIA’s sights?

A country of Human Rights like France should support whistle-blowers who reveal how, behind the democratic make-up, an insidious totalitarianism is being set up; it should grant Snowden asylum. The manhunt launched against NSA’s former consultant by the Obama Administration must be denounced as an insufferable breach of human rights, indeed one more breach after those that Private Manning bravely disclosed, after the executions targeted by drones – collateral damages included – and ordered without the least control by the Pentagon or the White House.

“Big Brother is watching you,” sings Bernard Lavilliers. The totalitarian eye is spying on us, from behind the web, snatching the waves of our cell phones, tapping our private conversations. Our future is now at stake, depending on our capacity to prevent the Big Money set and the State from controlling our words and brains. But what is also at stake is the limitation of the US hyper-power’s capacity to do evil, of its imperialism. Washington, for instance, is trying to make up for the ground it lost in Latin America, which it still considers as its own backyard, by trying to jeopardize its attempts at unity, its economic coalitions and resistance to the order dictated by their Northern giant neighbor and the disorder generated with the dollar as a weapon.

This totalitarian hold comes up against growing dissent in the US public opinion. And these days the US determination to substitute a “green vice”, that of the Islamists, for Mubarak’s brutal rule comes up against the massive revolt of the Egyptian people.
Ultra-liberal globalization, explicitly underwritten by the transatlantic accord its honorable European counterparts want to impose upon our continent, meets with increasingly stronger resistance. Besides it is no doubt clear in Hawaii as in NSA’s and CIA’s other spying sites, that the waves these days are not as favourable…It is not enough to listen in order to be listened to. “Trust the inexhaustible character of murmurs”, as André Breton would say.

[12 July: Publication of this translation was unfortunately delayed, due to a procedural error.

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