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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: L’éditorial : "La braderie américaine de M. Hollande"

by Patrick Le Hyaric

Editorial: Mr. Hollande’s American Clearance Sale

Patrick Le Hyaric’s editorial. "The way in which François Hollande’s United States visit sanctions a liberal, occidentalist, and militarist agreement with the North American leaders and Washington is astounding."

Translated Wednesday 19 February 2014, by Georgie O’Neil

Throughout society, for example in the Senate or the European Parliament, the usefulness as well as the negative consequences of the creation of a transatlantic free market are being questioned. And yet François Hollande asked, without any Parliamentary mandate, and contrary to his electoral responsibilities, in front of president Obama ”to accelerate this vast market’s creation”. The terms of the negotiation, which began in July, remain completely secret. Even the text outlining the mandate allowing negotiation on behalf of all European States, as used by the European Commission, is classified information.

Since then, there has been no public discussion or government statement on this disastrous project, which, in fact, affects our everyday lives - our food, our health, our social protection, and our public services. Flouting all that, the president of the Republic did not hesitate to make an announcement, in the euphoria of the North-American air, addressing the apparent industrial and financial powers. He stated: “As soon as priorities are set, mandates are given, and interests are known, moving quickly won’t be a problem but rather a solution". He may as well have categorically stated that the negotiations have finished. It is, incidentally, the next part of this statement which helps us better understand his intended audience, with Mr. Hollande saying, straight off: “We have everything to gain in moving quickly. If not, we know well that there will be an accumulation of fear, threats and tensions”. Dreadful! He is organizing the great annual clearance sale of national and European interests. It is the sacrifice of our breeding and our gastronomy. It is the continuing destruction of our industry and culture; our public services and public markets are brutally cast open, until our personal data and our intimate lives are served up to the mastodons Google and Yahoo to keep us under surveillance and make a business out of it. It is our freedom that is being sacrificed on the altar of capitalist free trade. Until this point, all we’d seen was the long and sad lines of the unemployed and of destabilised workers alongside those who don’t have any other choice but the soup kitchen.

And that’s not all! Above all, we mustn’t ignore the plans underway to restrict and control our lives, which threaten our laws protecting human, environmental and social rights. With this treaty, any multinational which judges that legislation is blocking its opportunity to exploit men and nature for its own ends would be granted the option of suing the State, in special courts designed by them and for them. Thus, it would be neither parliaments nor Governments that decide laws. The multinationals would create their own rights. It’s a dictatorship planned to serve industrial and financial powers, without the need for booted and helmeted Generals.

Both the West’s desire to reinstate its hegemony upon the world, and an attempt by multinationals to circumvent the damages caused by their terrible austerity policies by seeking new export markets, are hidden behind this enormous project. It is a blueprint for a destructive economic war. We can’t let this happen. We must reject the transatlantic market.

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