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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Pas de trêve de Noel pour le chômage

by anonymous

No Christmas Truce for Unemployment

Translated Friday 2 January 2015, by Gene Zbikowski

Joblessness continued to rise in France in November, going up 0.8% in mainland France, following a similar rise in October.

The rise in the unemployment rate affected all age groups, including the under-25s, who benefit the most from government-subsidized jobs, according to the figures published on Dec. 24 by the Ministry for Labor. By age group, the sharpest rise in November among “A” category unemployed was chalked up among the oldest workers (up 1 percent), in front of the 25-49 age group (up 0.8%) and the under-25s (up 0.5%).

The number of “A” category job-seekers (those without any economic activity) increased by 0.8% in mainland France, an increase of 27,400 job-seekers for a grand total of 3,488,300.

When category “B” and “C” job-seekers are added (workers whose economic activity is reduced), the number on the Pôle emploi rolls increased by 22,100 in November, or by 0.4%, for a grand total of 5,176,300 in mainland France and 5,478,600 when the overseas départements are included.

Over a year, unemployment has grown by 5.8% among category “A” job-seekers and by 6%, all categories combined.

The government, which is betting on economic growth in 2015, remains prudent. The INSEE (the French statistical bureau) believes that such economic growth will not result in lower unemployment. “The improvement in the economic situation in 2015 will be accompanied by the continuation of a pro-active fight against unemployment,” François Rebsamen, the minister for labor, emphasized in a press release.

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