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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: «Les demandes des Grecs sont acceptables», admet François Hollande

by Sébastien Crépel

“The Greeks’ demands are acceptable” admits François Hollande

Translated Tuesday 4 August 2015, by Adrian Jordan

In a meeting with politicians from the left, the French president accepted the unacceptable nature of the measures demanded by Athens’ creditors.

Yesterday, l’Humanité called for François Hollande “to act”. Have thousands of participants in Saturday’s demonstrations convinced him to take account of the signatories to the appeal for France to be “at the side of the Greek people”? A delegation representing these 60 figures, led by the president of the Party of the European Left and national secretary of the French Communist Party, Pierre Laurent, was received for an hour by the tenant of the Elysée Palace yesterday, prior to the president’s tête-à-tête with the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Pierre Moscovici.

On leaving, the eight spokespeople [The delegation was composed of Clémentine Autain, Julien Bayou, Éric Coquerel, Liêm Hoang-Ngoc, Pierre Larrouturou, Pierre Laurent, Gustave Massiah and Anne Sabourin.] told of a constructive evolution in the attitude of the French authorities regarding Monday’s forthcoming eurozone summit. First point of interest: the president of the republic “said he shared the opinion” that an “accord which respects the current Greek government” is “desirable and possible” and is “within reach”, related Pierre Laurent. Second point: François Hollande agreed with the appeal’s spokespeople that the question is primarily one of “policy”, considering the triviality of the amounts concerned, incomparable with “the cost to taxpayers” that would entail if Greece should leave the euro, added Clémentine Autain (Ensemble). Above all, point three: the president believes that “the Greek’s demands are acceptable” concerning retirement pensions and VAT, stated Éric Coquerel (Left Party). “The measures demanded [by creditors] are not acceptable to the Greek people, they will resolve nothing of the financial crisis and the president acknowledged this”, underlined Pierre Laurent.

However, the delegation indicated they will redouble their vigilance whilst awaiting these statements to be “verified by facts”, according to Éric Coquerel. “We must stop the water-torture” inflicted upon the Greeks, reminded Pierre Larrouturou (Nouvelle Donne). “If there is no agreement [on Monday], there will be a European crisis”, opined alter-globalist Gustave Massiah. “We are at a decisive moment, the pressure (of public opinion) must be increased in the coming days, we will call for more demonstrations if necessary”, warned Pierre Laurent, who is “in direct contact with Syriza”.

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