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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Le PCF et la GU confirment officiellement leur regroupement

by Gérald Rossi

The PCF and the GU officially confirm their union

Translated Monday 28 September 2015, by Adrian Jordan

Pierre Laurent and Christian Picquet gave the press the reasons for this alliance. It was also announced that the next PCF congress would take place next 2 to 5 June, 2016.

“This morning the national council of the PCF looked at the decision of the United Left (GU) to join the communist party. Its leaders and members will take part in the regular activities of the party and its bodies.” This is how Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF), confirmed to the press at midday, that Christian Picquet, until then head of the GU, had succeeded in this “important political act”. After a congress in June, the GU held a “ratification meeting” last weekend.

Put another way, the United Left, created in 2009 from a movement within the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA – previously Revolutionary Communist League, LCR), which integrated with the Left Front, has ceased to exist as such. Because, as Patrick Piquet explained, “we are clearly adherents of the PCF [...] it is also clear we hold broadly shared beliefs and we must end the mentality of fragmenting leftwing movements, with dissemination taken to absurd limits, each sticking to a few particularities.”

For the two leaders, this evolution does not mean that the Left Front, of which the GU was the third component, will cease to play a role in the political landscape. So, in a joint declaration which points out that, for “many years our two organisations have seen our views converge”, the PCF and GU “reaffirm the necessity of developing the issue of a different politic, to make a fresh regrouping of the left for a new social and democratic project”. They were insistent in saying that they “worked in this way to allow the Left Front to be a tool for such a regrouping...” Pierre Laurent and Christian Picquet were fairly united in also stating, “that the Left Front had reached a certain limit as we now know [but it] is not a question of burying it...”

The joint declaration, as the situation demanded, also stressed “the necessity, in terms of regional elections, to opt for the biggest groups in the first and second rounds, to expound the radical refusal of the national logic of austerity, which is necessary to fight the right and the extreme right, for the left to hold the greatest number of regions, so as to achieve the mandate of new majorities with which to lead.” At the same time, Pierre Laurent confirmed that “now, communists everywhere have joined the campaign”. After having indicated the next PCF congress would take place from 2 to 5 June 2016, he also stated the four leaders of the former GU would now be permanently invited to the national council and Christian Picquet will also sit on the national executive committee, which meets on 21 September for the autumn sitting.

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