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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Le choix d’un désordre sanglant

by Patrick Apel-Muller

Opting for Bloody Disorder

Translated Friday 25 August 2006, by Henry Crapo

Blow by blow, the Israeli government is busy reviving the flames of conflict this weekend, violating the truce in Lebanon and hijacking the Palestinian vice prime minister.

The first operation, launched on the pretext of an unverifiable shipment of arms destined for the Hezbollah, constituted a sufficiently grave provocation to activate a rain of rockets on the north of Israel and created an obstacle to the deployment of the Lebanese army,

The second was a matter of hostage-taking, a state-sponsored kidnapping. It adds a new sign of hate and humiliation to a people that never ceases to be subjected to it. Saturday, again, a Palestinian who rode in a taxi was killed and three others wounded by gunfire from the Tsahal. Such crimes become banal. They nourish extremisms, especially the most fearsome of these.

This time, the United Nations reacted, in the voice of Kofi Annan, who revealed that the raid in the Bekaa constituted "violation" of the cessation of hostilities instated by Resolution 1701 of the Security Council.

Tel Aviv paid no attention, proclaiming that similar attacks against Lebanon would continue. It is no wonder that France hesitates to send its soldiers in a FINUL that has no clear mandate from the United Nations and would be the target of provocations by the Tsahal.

The choice of peace is not that most shared by the great powers in this world.

The United States continues, in the fracas of combat and the wreckage of explosions, to pursue a strategy of domination requiring that tensions must be heightened. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon with the help of Israel, tomorrow Iran, the White House is seen to multiply the zones of conflict in order to "remodel a ’new Middle East’ at its heel, and with its own hands on the petroleum valves. To this end, George Bush fans the flames of a "war of civilizations". The same voracity and the same appetite for domination inspired, in the past, the crusades.

The "madmen of God" are not only those who make up the company of Ben Laden. They are also in office in Washington, gathered in the Oval Office and in the Pentagon. The neo-conservatives may wish to pray on this occasion, and continue preaching all the time, but they are no choir boys. For years, as confirmed by the revelations of the American journalist Seymour Hersch, they have been planning conflicts for the Middle East. And if they can please, with their passage over the land of Iraq, those multinational companies like Halliburton, dear to the American vice president and even more "dear" to the American taxpayers, they don’t hesitate. They continue to charge with their heads down.

But this is no triumphal march.

The new world order is, at the offset, a bloody disorder. Never was the image of the United States so negative in the world. The Western leaders whom George Bush has pulled along with him have been sanctioned by their peoples, and the United States president is no longer even popular at home. The bill for his imperial ambitions shows itself to be unimaginably high, and the tide is turning on the western shores of the Atlantic. The bad treatment of the United Nations at the hands of the United States administration gives rise to resistance. "Unilateralism" and brutal domination by the superpower over the planet no longer passes without question.

Now that a new occasion for tension presents itself tomorrow, with the response (surely negative) that Iran will give to the demand that it suspend enrichment of uranium, as voted by the five permanent members of the Security Council, plus Germany, the United States demands sanctions, and dreams of a military intervention against Tehran. What folly! France could become the motor of Europe to undo the Bush strategy, render international relations secure, promote a more just world order. She should have the courage to do so!

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