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In Henin-Beaumont, the Front National (FN) Looses it’s case Against the Parti Communiste Français (PCF) and the Newspaper l’Humanité

Translated Tuesday 19 July 2016, by Cynthia McKennon

In Henin-Beaumont, the Front National (FN) Looses it’s case Against the Parti Communiste Français (PCF) and the Newspaper l’Humanité

Lionel Venturini

Monday, July 11, 2016

David Noël, opposition city councillor of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) deplores the way the National Front takes advantage of the courts of justice.

Picture : Jean_Luc Degremont (PCF)

The Seventeenth courtroom of the Tribunal correctionnel de Paris, specializing in press offences, has just delivered its verdict in the fourth lawsuit initiated by the local branch of the Front National against David Noël, City councillor of the opposition (PCF) .
The FN mayor in Henin-Beaumont complains quite often. It is the fourth lawsuit against David Noel who embodies the Left opposition in the town of Bénin-Haumont won by Steve Briois at the last municipal elections.

This time, the Communist member of the opposition says happily that the mayor and his immediate collaborator Bruno Bilde "did not appreciate that I demanded their resignation, following the revelations in the Press on the Jeanne affair, and on the European Parliament revelations about the parliamentary assistants of the FN.

"Both of them are at the core of judiciary investigations on heavy fraud suspicions." wrote David Noël. The statement was published on the website of L’Humanité, also prosecuted and acquitted.

David Noel had written about the fact that, alerted by the services of the European Parliament, the Paris prosecutor had ordered, in March 2015, the opening of a preliminary investigation against the National Front for breach of trust.
The European Anti-Fraud Office identified twenty contentious cases of employees of the FN group in Parliament and supposedly present simultaneously in the organizational headquarters of the National Front.
On May 13, the Correctional Court of Paris did not accept the requisitions of the prosecution that considered the statement slanderous, and has instead considered that "the reader was fully aware that the information originated from a political movement opposed to the civil claimants ", that "a certain vivacity of tone in political controversy is acceptable". Finally, "the author of the remarks is careful enough to state that the information comes from the Press" and that "David Noël is involved in a political controversy and did not exceed the permissible limits of freedom of expression. "

It is the third victory in the lower court for David Noël in four trials, with the assistance of the lawyer Raphael Théry and the support of the Communist Federation of the Pas-de-Calais.

The elected municipal councillor (also blogger) "deplores the way the National Front for several years, has instrumentalized the courts of justice and used economic pressure to silence me and to silence its opponents."

A fifth trial is actually ongoing against David Noël, besides the one filed against the union CGT of territorial Hénin-Beaumont officials. The next city council plans Friday once again to vote that the city provide legal protection for the mayor, meaning clearly that the town will pay court costs.
It is a way of silencing opposition laments David Noël : "...even when I raise the point that in the municipal budget the budget for expenses for ceremonies explodes, I am threatened with a trial."
This time, Steeve Briois did not implement his threat, evidence that the sense of the ridiculous sometimes reaches him.

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