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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Emmanuel Macron est surtout fort des faiblesses de ses adversaires

by Lionel Venturini

Emmanuel Macron is mainly strong due to the weaknesses of his opponents

Translated Wednesday 14 June 2017, by Henry Crapo

His score in the first round of the presidential election (24.1%) and the record abstention of Sunday reveal the exhaustion of our system of democratic representation.

We see in a deforming mirror, and what one sees depends upon the place from which one observes: Macron’s "wave" would almost make us forget the paradox, that after having become the president of the Fifth Republic with the fewest votes in the first round of the election, the one getting, with his ally Modem, 32.2%, the lowest percentage in the legislative elections following a presidential election, Emmanuel Macron can end up with the most overwhelming majority of the same Fifth Republic.

With 8,656,346 votes in the first round, Macron realized almost 1.6 million votes less than Francois Hollande in the first round in 2012. The candidate of En marche proved strong on the weakness of his opponents to offer a mobilizing perspective. In the second round against the FN, Macron obtained only 20.7 million votes, even less than the 25 million votes cast in 2002 for Chirac, who, in addition, had an electoral body smaller by 6 million compared to 2017. The Correzian also remains the only one to have been elected with more than 50% of those registered to vote.

For the group of leftist academics supporting the memoire of Jean-Pierre Vernant, the central fact of the first tour is that "only 16% of the population (percentage of those enrolled), aged and favored classes, end up with the full powers," writes the group J.-P. Vernant, for whom" the inclusion of a permanent state of emergency in the common law is not a coincidence. It is an adaptation to the denial of the minority character of power ". One can add the use of ordinances to modify the Labor Code. For the political scientist Jérôme Sainte-Marie, this gap between the actual distribution of opinions in the country and their representation at the level of the legislative power in the case of disproportionate legislative chambers "can become a gap that weakens the credibility of democratic institutions among citizens".

With one third of the votes cast LREM could get three-quarters of the seats

By the magic of a voting system, which means that with a third of the votes cast in the first round of the legislative elections, the "Republic in Motion" could obtain three-quarters of the seats in the future Assembly. Emmanuel Macron, without committing himself to more than that, evoked the introduction of a dose of proportional. In an interview published in Le 1, the candidate explained he wants to articulate "horizontal transparency and more vertical relations", to avoid the risk of inaction or authoritarianism. The proportional, according to France Info, will henceforth be postponed to 2018 . We know how Napoleon can quickly open the road to Bonaparte.

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