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The logic of the "Friendly Amendments", compared with the logic illustrated in the case of Olivier Dartigolles with his "Hostile Amendments". There are two opposing approaches to amendments!

38th PCF Congress

Translated Wednesday 7 November 2018, by Henry Crapo, Hervé Fuyet

Tuesday, October 30, 2018, by Hervé Fuyet

Two logics of amendments clash at the 38th Congress of the French Communist Party (PCF): the logic of the "Friendly Amendments" on the one hand, or the logic illustrated by the Olivier Dartigolles case with its "Hostile Amendments".

The 38th PCF Congress will be held in Ivry in a few weeks. The text "For a 21st Century Communist Manifesto" (http://lepcf.fr/-38eme-congres-2018-) was adopted as the common basis for Congress debates by a majority of Party members. And at the same time, an absolute majority of Party members did not vote for the text vigorously proposed by Pierre Laurent, the current PCF National Secretary, and by his team.

See the article (http://lepcf.fr/Pouvons-nous-stopper-le-declin-du-PCF)

It is now a matter for all comrades, whatever their personal vote, the vote of their section or federation, to rally to the will of the Party and to contribute with "Friendly Amendments" to strengthen, complete and clarify, if necessary, the common basis.

Unfortunately, many influential Party members perceive themselves as "losers", and behave as "bad losers". These embittered people try meanly to play with the comrades’ votes by reintroducing "through the window" their "hostile amendments", in the spirit or even the letter of the rejected texts.

Pierre Laurent and his family still have the opportunity to reconnect with the broad base of the Party by sincerely rallying to the common base, and facilitating the transition to a new leadership. (see article http://lepcf.fr/Quelle-direction-nationale-pour-le-PCF).

By studying the Olivier Dartigolles case, we can see the logic behind this behaviour, dangerous for the success of the 38th Congress. Dartigolles does not deny as clearly as Pierre Laurent does, the current decline of the PCF. Nor does he deny that this decline has accelerated after Robert Hue’s secretariat and after the decisions of recent congresses.

But "after" does not necessarily mean "because". And Dartigolles, currently spokesperson for the PCF, denies that it is "because" of the party’s politics that the Party is declining.

Not only does it reject the "critical assessment" demanded by the text of the common base, but it considers the decisions of recent congresses to be "untouchable".

Dartigolles writes, for example, "We have long adopted, with all communist parties, the Leninist conception of revolution, it is no longer ours, we have another one".

That’s right, but what one congress does, another can undo.

Our "brave good" Dartigolles has just acknowledged this himself, pointing out that the PCF is no longer Leninist as it used to be. So there’s nothing to prevent it from ever becoming a Leninist party again.

Thus in 2017, the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of Spain resumed Marxism-Leninism 40 years after having abandoned it! And the Chinese Communist Party, the largest Communist Party in the world, which leads one of the two major world powers, is Leninist.

Our "brave good" Dartigolles is indignant that the common base demands "a communist balance sheet" of what the Soviet Union represented. “It’s been a long time," he explains. Dartigolles adds, making fun of Georges Marchais, "a generally positive assessment? Please! Please! ».

I find it is our picturesque national spokesperson who is pitiful. Indeed, survey after survey, the Russians express their nostalgia for the USSR and their regret at not having been able to defend it better. Polls also indicate that they hate Gorbachev. "Gorby", faced with real but surmountable difficulties, of internal and external origin, of the Soviet Union, lost confidence in socialism and dragged into its defeatism the Soviet people who now regret having followed it.

China, which, like the Soviet Union, was experiencing difficulties, reacted differently. It has moved from a Stalin-style planned economy to a Lenin-style planned economy with its New Leninist Economic Policy. As Deng Xiao Ping said, if we had continued, we would have ended up like the Soviet Union.

The current anti-Soviet attitude of the CPF is indeed pitiful and makes us ridiculous.

It is, I believe, the dartigollesque "rewriting" of the common base that needs rewriting!

Let’s finish with this jewel of artigollesque style! The common basis underlines the need to support the "new type of multilateralism that is being sought" and to "build a new internationalism" and "a rapprochement, a new alliance" with, even if this is not said in these precise terms, perhaps for tactical reasons, the socialist countries (China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba etc), and with the non-imperialist countries.

Our "brave good" national spokesman pompously concludes, about the crucial need of the PCF for this new internationalism, by saying “Here I make no comment. There is in this case, clearly, some necessary re-wrriting to be done.” This Dartigolles is distressing.

To conclude on a more optimistic note, China will launch an "artificial moon" to save on public lighting.
Equipped with a reflective film, this satellite will be used to illuminate, at night, the large city of Chengdu, in the southwest of the country.

It would be very cruel to ask our "brave" spokesman Dartigolles to reinvent the moon. Let us only wish Dartigolles, when the time comes, a trip to Chengdu so that the Chinese moon can light up his lantern a little.

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