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Translated Tuesday 22 January 2019

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019
Julia Hamlaoui
Fabien Roussel presented yesterday, during his vows, the agenda of a PCF determined to "do everything possible to ensure that the voice of the citizens is not silenced".

Colonel Fabien Square, yesterday, the key was intended to be offensive. Fabien Roussel delivered to the press and a series of personalities - including the Venezuelan ambassador, officials of the CGT, the IF, Generation.s and associations - his first wishes as national secretary of the PCF. The policy of the "president of the ultramariches" has taken its toll. "Our young president still seems to be stuck in the old dogmas of capitalism. Except that his blindness leads our country into a deadlock and causes anger to rise, which is now exploding," said the MP from the North, whose formation supports the yellow vest movement as the CGT’s call for mobilization for February 5.

In mid-February, the signatures of the purchasing power petition will be tabled
But for the communists, in addition to presidential policy, there is a responsible person to be appointed: the cost of capital. While Oxfam’s latest annual report shows that the 26 richest people on the planet hold as much money as the poorest half, Fabien Roussel tackles: "Everyone is offended by this, everyone finds it scandalous, but none of those who meet in Davos or foreign bosses meeting in Versailles will propose to reverse the trend! "Faced with the government’s refusal to reconsider the ISF or the "measures" such as the tax on Gafam defended by Bruno Le Maire, the PCF intends to echo the demands for fiscal, social and democratic justice, concrete proposals at stake, promised its new leader. Reorientation of public aid paid to companies, progressive corporate tax, taxation at source of profits of multinationals, establishment of a genuine French list of tax havens, referendum on popular initiative, moratorium on the closure of public services are among the measures already tabled in the Assembly. Nor is there any question of leaving the conclusions of the great debate to the government.

The programme for the first months of 2019 is already full: from mid-February, the signatures of the purchasing power petition initiated in November will be deposited in the prefectures, "notebooks of hopes" will be filled, meetings and debates will be organised. For the leader of the communists, he had to say last night, it was a question of "doing everything possible to ensure that the voice of the citizens is not suppressed by the government or instrumentalized by extreme right-wing forces who dream of growing their nauseating ideas. (...) In the coming weeks, the priorities of the French must remain at the heart of the debate, and these priorities are purchasing power, tax evasion and social justice. And to announce to the press: "In mid-March, we will meet you to give the government the minutes of these meetings, the summaries of these reports and the legislative proposals that will accompany them. "As for the European elections, "they must be an opportunity to raise the same demands that have been expressed in France for months", says Fabien Roussel, who was to unveil the PCF campaign slogan, "For a people’s Europe, not for a money’s Europe". While he regretted that the discussions on the left are not leading to a common list, the elected representative confirmed that the PCF list, presented to his National Council this weekend, will be fully unveiled at a meeting in Marseille on 5 February. Marie-Hélène Bourlard, a trade unionist, featured in the film Merci patron, will appear just after the top of the list Ian Brossat.

Julia Hamlaoui

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