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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: http://histoireetsociete.com/2020/0...

by Danielle Bleitrach

The Moscow communists invite you to take part in an initiative to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lenin’s birth

Translated Monday 20 April 2020, by Stephen Chalk

20th April 2020

We were invited by the Moscow committees of the KPRF [Communist Party of the Russian Federation] to the celebration of the 150th anniversary, we, that is Marianne and I, but above all the comrades of Vénissieux who for many years have been organizing international meetings and welcoming representatives of the communist parties. The festivities have been cancelled because of the epidemic, but the comrades are proposing that we join with all those who wish to take part in this exchange on the anniversary, 22nd April.

As far as I am concerned, some of you will have realized that I am totally incompetent in new technologies, I do not know how to send text messages or take pictures of myself with my mobile phone, let alone send the said picture and nobody to help me by doing it for me.

What is to be done? He would have said (Lenin), he would have answered: when there is a will, there is a way:

First Marianne translated this invitation from Russian for all of you who know how to handle all of these little miracles of technology
Then, I, who continue to use the computer like an old typewriter and, thanks to remote assistance manage to feed this blog and continue to prefer books, letters sent by post like the old family photo album, I will devote April 22nd to showing you Lenin’s relevance today. I have already prepared two articles which I hope will inform you about the comrade in question and above all show you that his methods are far from being superfluous in order to understand what is happening today and transform it…

Dear comrades!

The Moscow committees of the KPRF and the Komsomol, in collaboration with the Interbrigade, are launching the #LeninLives initiative.

Take part in the action in honour of the 150th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth until 22nd April 2020:

1. Take a photo with an image of Lenin and you.

2. Post it on your social networks with the hashtag #LeninLives

3. Send us a link to your publication at moscow.communist.interbrigade@gmail.com

4. Tell your friends about it and pass the initiative on to them!

Since our comrades in Moscow ask us to take a picture of us with a book by Lenin here’s the one I choose

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