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Above all, let’s not be Charlie!

Translated Friday 25 September 2020, by Hervé Fuyet

Above all, let’s not be Charlie!

The trials around Charlie show the horror of the crimes of Islamist terrorists! We are all appalled, shocked! We share the grief of the families and friends of the victims!

But this should not cloud our reasoning! As the grandmothers say to the children: "Stop playing with matches, you will set the house on fire". The right to blasphemy is not an obligation to blaspheme.

Refraining from a rather silly and nasty caricature, offensive to all Muslims, would not in any way harm freedom of expression.

The cartoonists probably knew that they would trigger terrorist attacks. Why did they do it? We have to ask ourselves the question. They bear some responsibility for the horrors that followed.

And now, at the trial, they’re doing it again. They go so far as to demand that all the press in France publish these cartoons in turn, which would not fail to provoke new attacks.

Cartoons can be a tool for social progress. The Krokodil section of Soviet Pravda was a good example. One could imagine caricatures of old Le Pen in Algeria, with his knife between his teeth, even if it is, surprisingly, forbidden by decree/law. It would be more courageous than to go after workers in France with a certain islamophobia.

Above all, let’s not be Charlie! Because that would bring water to the mill of the radical Islamists, and harm the majority of Muslims in France, who are already themselves victims of the radicals.

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