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by Hervé Fuyet, temporary president of FHE

To members or future members of the association « The friends of l’Humanité in English»

Translated Saturday 1 September 2007

Dear members of FHE (or future members of FHE),

What are we going to do with our association, and how, when etc?

As indicated in our statutes (published on our site), we promote our www.humaniteinenglish.com.

We can, as an individual member, offer a subscription to our friends, associates etc (It’s free!) and also see whether among the people we know there are people willing and capable of becoming volunteer translators for our paper. One can also make suggestions to improve our paper or the French l’Humanité (if you can read French).

NEW You may also want to become a volunteer journalist for the French daily l’Humanité! Why not! If this is the case, please write email me and send me a synopsis of your article (in English or in French) and a short CV.

All that can also be done collectively, if you decide, for instance, to create a local group of our association. A local group could discuss the content of the translated articles (or the way it is translated!), see whether it adds to their understanding of France, especially of the views of genuinely democratic France, and of the contributions of progressive France to Europe and to world problems.

Individuals or collectives of FEH could also create and communicate through an Internet group (Yahoo group, or Google group, etc.) if they want and exchange their views.

For our annual statutory meeting and for the election of our executive, we have to think of a mode of operation, in particular for the votes of members who cannot physically attend the annual meeting.

I am convinced that on all these questions, all sorts of suggestions will come from our members and that gradually we will be able to build an active and friendly association.

Those who are not yet members and want to join our association can go to:




Friends of l’Humanité in English

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