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European Union

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The European Union is Complicit in Israeli War Crimes
The European Union is an unrivalled comrade in arms. And it may be, under the cover of certain research programs, the principal financier of Israeli war crimes and of the (...)
“The Greeks’ demands are acceptable” admits François Hollande
In a meeting with politicians from the left, the French president accepted the unacceptable nature of the measures demanded by Athens’ creditors.
Banks and “organised gangs”
Report by Cynthia Fleury. Banks form “gangs” to distort competition and manipulate interest rates.
Deficit: Deputies want to exclude certain public expenditure from the three percent rule
The European treaties impose a sacred rule of maintaining public deficit below the level of three percent of GDP. Without questioning this tenet, the National Assembly adopted (...)
Nicolas Sansu: "We must argue against the addiction to liberal ideology"
“A left wing union addressing the debt problem is possible. Provided the right questions are asked: supporting public policies which will let us find new growth that is (...)

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