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European Union

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The future European Commissioner for Climate Action is close to the petroleum industry.
It’s a bit much! Jonathan Hill, the future European Commissioner in charge of regulation of the banking sector, was previously a financier. And he’s not the only one flirting (...)
Winners and Losers
“There is a very real danger of a rise in Russian nationalism in eastern and southern regions, in response to Ukrainian nationalism. We’ve opened Pandora’s box. Almost a quarter (...)
Editorial: Mr. Hollande’s American Clearance Sale
Throughout society, for example in the Senate or the European Parliament, the usefulness as well as the negative consequences of the creation of a transatlantic free market (...)
EU distinguishes Israel from colonies
An EU document defining the frontiers of Israel has enraged Benjamin Netanyahou
The Euro Zone Also In the Doldrums
The French national institute for economic statistics [INSEE] shows the South drowning, Germany going down, and the banks getting short of breath. The only way out: to bypass (...)

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