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Daniel Mermet: “The working classes are now almost entirely formed by the young and people from immigrant families.”
Interview with Daniel Mermet, journalist for La-bas.org website.
Francis. "Humankind should renounce the idolatry of money and must focus on people"
Pope Francis appealed for humankind to protect “our shared home”, particularly threatened by pollution, and to “give up the idolatry of money”, in a long interview with Paris (...)
The capitalist reality is worse than its caricature...
The capitalist system has the objective of optimising results. In the current form, that means always creating more financial capital – capital alone, and not improving the (...)
Planet: how to feed all the people whilst respecting the climate?
The run-up to the Paris climate change conference. With Xavier Compain, member of the PCF’s national council, responsible for agriculture, fishery and forestry; Claire Even, (...)
‘International regulation’ of surrogacy or ‘universal abolition’: two approaches, two lines of thinking, two camps
Opinion column by Irène Théry, sociologist and Director of Studies at the EHESS The WHO places surrogacy under Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) techniques, a fact worth (...)

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